Life happens. Sometimes we all need a little assistance; a little “backup,” if you will. Noble is proud to offer an Employee Assistance Program for all of our employees—full-time and part-time—designed to provide professional help in dealing with some of life’s issues.

What IS an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? It is a program to help guide Noble employees and their family members when they experience personal, behavior, and/or medical issues to find solutions. It is free, completely optional, and 100% confidential—Noble does not need to be informed when employees or family members participate in this program.

Every Noble employee and their family members are eligible for three visits (per issue) with a Supportive Systems professional to discuss issues like:

• Becoming stressed or overwhelmed at work or in your personal life
• Changes in your job or within the organization
• Relational issues, parenting, and family concerns
• Loss or grief
• Looking for life balance
• Reaching a goal
• Substance abuse or other addictions
• Experiencing financial, medical or other stressors

In addition to visiting with a Supportive Systems professional, our employees have access to Work/Life, a website that brings resources to their fingertips. This comprehensive online resource features over 4,000 regularly updated articles, assessments, audio clips, ready-to-use legal forms, skill builders covering emotional well-being; health and wellness tips, advice on workplace issues, child care and elder care articles, information on adoption and even FREE income tax return preparation.

The Work/Life portal also provides access to:

CareSpace: A hosted social networking site for caregivers of adults or children
Savings Center: A discount shopping program offering up to 25% discounts on name-brand goods and services
Skill Builder Center: E-learning courses that can be completed in 15-20 minutes, offering a visual presentation, brief online quizzes, and a printable certificate of completion
TaxACT: Convenient access to reputable tax preparation software
Searchable Database: Offering information and resources on Adoption Agencies, Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, Child Care, Education, Elder Care and Services, Pet Sitters and Adoptable Pets, Summer Camps, Volunteer Opportunities and more.


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